1) I love to tell stories. Over the years, many of you have taught me how -- thank you!


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2) Now, my job is to tell stories. Specifically, stories that share the truth about solar energy. I work at Sungevity! It's really fun. 


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3) Our founder just published a book -- it's called Rooftop Revolution. It's a big story about solar power, and why we need it everywhere, now


It's a jaunty read -- he's a cheeky bugger from Australia and his accent shines through in his writing.

(And I helped design the cover! And I created the website! So chuffed :)))


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4) We want to spread the word -- so we need your help making the book an Amazon bestseller!

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Because it's one of the few things that's good for the planet AND is in people's immediate personal interests! 


Families are saving money on their utility bills today, and oops-wait-what also reducing their carbon footprint. It blows my mind. We're just trying to do something nice for this lovely blue planet. 


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If this sounds as good to you as it does to me, please buy the book!